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R & D Team
We strongly believe that Innovation and Technology Orientation are the most important factors in our competitive business advantages. Therefore, we reinvest 20%-30% of our total profit back into R&D each year. Instead of outsourcing design, the company runs its own Optoelectronics Technology Institute with more than 30 experts, who are sophisticated talents in Optoelectronics, Industrial Design, PCB Design, Process Design, and Software Design. Equipped with advanced technologies, they are working collaboratively in providing customers with extremely wide ranges of new products, and also in meeting a variety of customized requirements from all over the world.

R&D Staff:

Optoelectronics Experts: 5 persons
Industrial Designer: 3 persons
PCB Designer: 8 persons
Process Designer: 3 persons
Software Engineer: 3 persons
Senior Technicians: 10 persons

R&D Fields:

High performance LCD application
PHOTOGRAPHY Audio & Video application
Car video & audio system
Industry video & audio system
Embedded Control & Touch system
IT relevant accessories
Digital Data Processing
GPS navigation systems