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8 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Monitor / CL8801NT


CL8801NT is a 8 inch TFT LCD monitor with touch screen.
CL8801NT use a high quality new LCD Panel,
with 800x600 resolution,
250cd/m2 high brightness and 140°/120°(H/V) wide angle,
which can display clear images.
It uses LED backlight,
which has advantage like Energy-Saving,
Long life and environmental protection.



▶ CL8801NT is a 8 inch TFT LCD monitor with touch screen.
▶ CL8801NT use a high quality new LCD Panel,with 800x600 resolution,
   250cd/m2 high brightness and 140°/120°(H/V) wide angle,which
   can display clear images.
▶ It uses LED backlight,which has advantage like Energy-Saving,Long life and
   environmental protection.

Touch Function
▶ Using 4-wires resistive touch panel,support Serials OS like Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit) / Windows 8 (32 bit & 64 bit) / WinCE 6.0 / Linux Kernel 2.4 / Linux Kernel 2.6.
▶ With standard TouchKit Driver CD,You can install touch driver,changing settings and calibrate the touch very easily.
▶ USB Touch interface as standard. RS232 Touch interface is optional.
▶ 5-Wires Resistive Touch Panel is Optional. Model No. is CL8801NT-5W.
Touch Driver Download

Abundant Interface
CL8801NT also has VGA,Audio(1 RCA)&Video (2 RCA) input,which can support many devices like PC, DVR, Camera, DVD and so on.

Customized SKS Cable

One Side: Customized 14 Pin SKS terminal
The other side:
▶ 9 Pin VGA terminal (Black)
▶ 2 RCA Video terminal (Yellow)
▶ 1 RCA Audio terminal (White)
▶ 1 DC input (Black)

Speaker Built-in
As the built-in speaker,if there is audio output it does not need to connect external speaker equipment

Foldable Bracket

Bracket Fold easily,Make CL8801N stand alone.
There are holes one bottoms of bracket,in order to make CL8801N Hanging on the wall.

Image Flip Function
CL8801NT has Image Flip(Horizontally & Vertically) function.Using this function it is convenient to watch the display even the monitor is reverse installation.

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