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7 inch TFT LCD Monitor / CL7629N


CL7629N is a 7 inch TFT LCD monitor.
CL7629N use a high quality new LCD Panel,
with 800x480 resolution, 
300cd/m2 brightness and 140°/120°(H/V) wide angle,
which can display clear images.
It uses LED backlight,which has advantage like Energy-Saving,
Long life and environmental protection.



▶ CL7629N is a 7 inch TFT LCD monitor.
▶ CL7629N use a high quality new LCD Panel,with 800x480 resolution, 
   300cd/m2 brightness and 140°/120°(H/V) wide angle,which can
   display clear images.
▶ It uses LED backlight,which has advantage like Energy-Saving,Long life
   and environmental protection.

VGA & Video & Audio
Even small size as 7 inch,CL7629N has VGA,Audio(1 RCA) & Video (2 RCA) input,which can support many devices like PC, DVR, Camera, DVD,HD Video Player and so on.

Customized SKS Cable

One Side: Customized 14 Pin SKS terminal
The other side:
▶ 9 Pin VGA terminal (Black)
▶ 2 RCA Video terminal (Yellow)
▶ 1 RCA Audio terminal (White)
▶ 1 DC input (Black)


Speaker Built-in
As the built-in speaker,if there is audio output it does not need to connect external speaker equipment

Standard Bracket

Portable Bracket. It is convenient to adjust the monitor as 360-degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical. .

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